Leisure Worldwide Riding Holidays

We offer you rinding trips and experiences worldwide. Whether starting out on a new hobby, searching for new riding routes or looking for a riding adventure, we are ready to offer you the right one. We have designed specific horseback experiences for you.

Center Based

A centre-based holiday tends to be more relaxing because you are able to unpack and settle into your room. The rides will have been designed to take you in a different direction each day and sometimes a centre based ride is known as a “petal” ride to illustrate this. If you are not sure about your riding ability or fitness then we recommend you choose a centre-based ride over a trail ride because it is possible for you to have a half day off during the week if you wish.

Camping Expeditions

Journeys on horseback, which may entail a few hardships but reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. On these rides you have to take care to pack the appropriate clothing for the trip and to make sure you are fit enough for the journey. On many of the expeditions you camp in small two-man dome tents with sleeping bags on mats and limited washing/loo facilities but hopefully the views make up for that.

Horse Safari

Mainly in  in Africa, they are is truly spectacular. It’s surely impossible to beat the wonder of watching a large herd of towering giraffe, as your horse quietly grazes, or the heart beating excitement of being face to face with an elephant. Some horse safaris are in areas where there is no dangerous game, so novice riders are welcome. Others are only for experienced riders in areas where you might encounter elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard or rhino – the Big Five. Accommodation on a horse safari varies from luxury safari lodges and very comfortable spacious safari tents with their own private bathroom, to simple busy camps with long drop loos and bucket showers.

Working Ranch/Cattle Drive

Live the dream and take yourself to the world of John Wayne. On this type of ranch holiday you have the opportunity to be a cowboy and work cattle on horseback. However, the amount of cattle work to be done on a ranch depends on the time of year and many other factors, so if there is something you particularly want to do please check with us.

Personal Development Horseback Travel

Personal Growth Experiences & Trips with Horses designed for people which desire to become more powerful and evolve spiritually and deeper connect to oneself and others while riding. People who want to live an authentic life experience.

About Personal Development

The purpose of Personal Development Coaching is to improve self-awareness, create an empowering identity, unleash latent potential, enhance one’s quality of life, improve social status, increase earning potential, determine one’s primary life purpose, and facilitate the achievement of personal causes and aspirations that will leave behind a personal legacy.

When it comes to personal development coaching, your potency in life is directly related to your purpose. Having a primary purpose kindles the fires of passion in your being. Passion is the energy, the fuel that drives you through challenges and into personal success. One’s identity should serve your primary purpose. The identity of the average person is based upon the opinions of others and personal short-comings. Instead, discover how to construct and identity based upon your higher purpose in a way that serves what you must become and not who you once were, and discover it through through a lifetime trip with the best travel companion you could ever find, your horse, and assisted by a professional equine coach travel professional that will guide you to reach your goals.

Why Horses?

Horses are wise mentors in this unique type of work. As prey animals, their “flight” instincts become instant mirrors and non-judgmental feedback mechanisms for humans. Horses sense and respond to a person’s intentions, emotions and thoughts that are conveyed subconsciously through body language. Through the experience of observing a horse’s response to their requests and directions, each person learns how to communicate more effectively, face their fears and manage their emotions, and become more consistent and congruent with their actions.

Through observation of herd dynamics and one-on-one interaction with individual horses, travellers also learn new relationship building skills. A tremendous confidence boost comes from learning how to connect with and direct a one-thousand-pound animal while standing on the ground. Sessions with horses are highly interactive and provide an ‘in the moment’ learning experience, teaching skills which can be difficult to acquire in more traditional settings.

Why Travelling?

Travel has, in many ways, become laden with all sorts of expectations on what we must do, eat, or experience, that it can sometimes make us forget what we can actually take, on a more personal and less ‘physical’ level, from our travels.

Travel is, at its very essence,  an instrument to fulfil our desires, attain new experiences and to discover a difference that is at least a step away from our local surroundings.

One thing that we can often forget is that travel also  has the added benefit of helping us build a pretty solid amount of confidence too, something that we all stand to benefit from in the long-term, in our own personal development.

Team Building Horse Experiences

Corporate Team Building Days and Trips with Horses, in which different activities will be put in place to achieve Leadership & Management, learn Boundaries & Delegation Skills, Communication & Mediation methods, and Networking & Creative solutions.

Dealing with Equinophobia

Enjoyinghorses Programme to deal with Equinophobia ®

Equinophobia or hippophobia is a psychological fear of horses. Negative experiences with horses during one’s childhood may give rise to this phobia. Equinophobia may also be triggered by a fall from a horse. In many cases, people begin to avoid horses and this gradually develops from fear to a full-blown phobia.

The symptoms can be:

  • Feeling of terror
  • Anxiety (even if the horse is calm)
  • Trembling
  • Panic
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sudden increase in pulse rate
  • Nausea

Many treatment options are available for those suffering from it.

Enjoyinghorses treatment focuses on Cognitive behavioural therapy that focuses on one’s fears and the reason they exist, and  systematic desensitization, which focuses on gradually acclimating patients to their phobias.

The first step in this process involves touching a horse,  riding a horse for a short ride, and finally living a 3 days experience trail with a horse.

Enjoyinghorses only organises Equinophobia treatment twice a year. If you want to book for it, please send us an email to: ridingteam@enjoyinghorses.com

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